I’m Yinka Shonibare. I was born and raised in Southern California. As a child (1940’s) I struggled with my weight and simply didn’t have the tools or understand how to manage my size. I found success in the business world but never was able to conquer my weight issues which ballooned from chubby to morbidly obese.

My life was a roller coaster ride of trying most every diet and weight loss program that promised success. Like so many, I would lose but then gain it back and add more. My self esteem was low to non-existent! The criticism, ridicule and embarrassment that I struggled with colored every aspect of her life. But through perseverance and determination, couple with an abiding faith in God, I gained my victory. What felt like defeat was actually preparation for success.

I wrote about my lifelong struggle in a book, My Journey of Real Life Weight Loss: How I lost over 180 lbs. My success came by honestly confronting the real issues and making the necessary life changes that paved the way to lasting results. I devote my life to helping others with obesity.

In addition, I have been a spiritual healer for over 26 years and have lectured and written inspirational articles about the benefits of spiritual healing.   I’m an advocate for encouraging people to consider a spiritual approach to resolving problems.

My business background has included the following:

  • COO for a major library/museum
  • Assistant Managing Publisher
  • Operations Manager
  • Owner of an accounting, tax and administrative service

“Connie’s professional ability as a speaker and her presentation of information
pertaining to healthy weight loss is h ighly informative, inte resting  a nd inspiring.She has a way with interspersing personal anecdotes throughout her talkwith ease, humor and direct honesty, and her ability to field numerous questions from the audience is accomplished with knowledgeableaccuracy that is particularly notable.”

“Connie is such an inspiration to me; I found her to be ‘spot-on’ to the i ssuesthat  p la gue so man y in regards to weight loss. She digs deeper than just weight loss,getting to the root(s) of the problem. Be ready to learn to find yourself and truly love yourself,probably for the first time ever in your life. Her ‘this is not a diet plan’ formatreally makes one realize that being healthy is a lifestyle change…FOREVER! It is not easy, it’s a commitment, but Connie is there to help you every step of the way!”
– SR/California