I offer people various “avenues” for getting support and help. I accept speaking engagements to speak about my weight loss journey and offer a few key ideas to think about along with Q&A.

In addition as a spiritual healer, I can offer one-on-one support for anyone wanting to explore a spiritual perspective to finding answers not only to weight issues but also for other challenges such as financial, relationship or health.

This website also provides contact information so that you can email me with questions or concerns.  I am here and want to assist people in whatever way will be most beneficial.  We are all experiencing very individual life journeys and I feel that there isn’t just one way to succeed.  Just as some want or need to fly (get where they are going quickly); some may want to take a more scenic route and make many stops along the way.  Others may need to multi-task their way through life by not only traveling to a particular destination but while in route, work and/or care for others.   Hopefully I can offer you support that meets your individual needs.


Speaking Engagements:

I speak at fitness centers, senior communities, libraries and other community centers.  I also will speak to small groups at someone’s residence.

My talk usually lasts about an hour and it includes plenty of time for Q&A. It is a great introduction to my workshops that take a deep dive into the lifestyle changes that will help people find lasting success. There are three major points I introduce in these talks:

  1. Paradigm shift – willingness to change how you think about obesity. I love Albert Einstein’s quote, “Problems cannot be solved using the same thinking that created them.”
  2. Be honest. We need to be responsible and accountable for the choices we make.
  3. Seek help. Find something that helps to anchor you, be it prayer, meditation, yoga, inspiration through moments of quietude, etc. Ask questions and be willing to research what others have done. Find a friend who will encourage you.

There is no charge for speaking engagements.


Spiritual healing is the result of prayer and/or meditation. It is a resource that anyone can turn to when searching for joy and fulfillment as well as health and harmony. As a practitioner I give prayerful treatment to patients who contact me for specific help with a variety of issues, i.e. financial, relationship, home, employment and health.

My background is Christian Science and I have had class instruction in Christian Science and apply these principles to healing.  The effect of prayer-based treatment is a change of thought that brings a new perspective and understanding of one’s relationship with God.   It helps a patient gain a new view of his/her spirituality.  Anyone is free to contact me for help and no religious affiliation is required.

If you are interested in contacting me for specific help you can either email me or call me at 760-775-1769.

I charge $30 per treatment or office visit.  There is no charge for consultation to learn more about what I do and/or answer questions concerning a spiritual approach to healing.